The Medical Standard of Care For Auto Accident Injuries

Auto accidents happen… and often result in injury, pain, lost productivity, and even future pain and problems. In fact, whether you know you’ve been injured or think you’re fine, it’s important to seek qualified care — medical care — when you’ve been in an automotive accident. Accident Care & Treatment Center, Inc. has specialized in auto accident care since 1995.

Car wrecks are dangerous, you need to either make sure you’re okay or, if you’re not okay, get the medical help you need. It’s unwise to delay your evaluation and treatment because that could leave your injury — whether it is known or hidden — to worsen. Delaying your evaluation and care could also result in you losing coverage for your injury by the at-fault party’s auto insurance policy.

At Accident Care & Treatment Center, Inc., we are Oklahoma City’s leader in experienced, comprehensive and effective medical care for auto-accident injuries. For two decades, our medical doctors have focused exclusively on auto injuries. During that time, we’ve developed the area’s most complete medical injury treatment program along with a large volume of experience and expertise treating all sorts of auto accident related injuries. At the same time, we’ve proven our commitment by offering unsurpassed accessibility, convenience and affordability so you can make a quick recovery and get back to your life!