Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc.
Auto Accident Injury Oklahoma City

Welcome to Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc.

Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc. is an urgent care clinic for auto accident injury treatment. We specialize in treating patients in and around Oklahoma City who have been victims of an auto, work or personal injury accident, providing the therapeutic care needed for a complete recovery. Our centralized focus is on ensuring your health and well being and facilitating your recovery in a calm, welcoming, and caring environment.

Pain relief, fast! Walk-in clinic, same day appointments available:

Do you have neck or back pain, symptoms of whiplash, or another injury after a car accident? Get immediate auto accident care in our medical clinic in OKC. Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc. has a team of full time medical doctors, physician assistants, nurses and therapy technicians standing by to assist in your immediate medical care and pain relief. We also provide Rx medications in-house, so you don’t need to take another trip to the pharmacy when you’re in pain.

Don’t pay a penny up front out-of-pocket:

If you were in a car accident and were not at fault, Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc. will provide the comprehensive care you need with absolutely no up-front out-of-pocket payment required from you.

Everything in one place:

Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc. is the only full service car accident treatment center in the Oklahoma City metro area. We provide soothing therapy, medical supplies, Rx medications and imaging, including X-ray, open MRI and low dose CT, all in-house under one roof. Why waste time running from doctor’s office, to pharmacy, to therapy, to imaging center, etc. when you can get it all in one place?

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