Medical Evaluation and Treatment for a Medical Problem

After an accident, seek specialized medical care.

When you’ve been in an automobile accident, you need to be evaluated by a medical doctor. That’s because you may be injured — even if you think you’re okay. After all, some injuries can take weeks or even months to reveal themselves.

Also, difficulty or pain experienced immediately after the accident can become worse later. So it’s important to be medically evaluated and treated because injuries are medical problems. Without proper medical care (and compliant and timely documentation), your injury could be left uncovered by the at-fault party’s insurance.

Experienced medical care focused exclusively on auto injuries.

While other accident-injury providers have no true medical doctors on staff, Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc.’s care is provided only by real medical practitioners and supervised by trained, licensed and experienced physicians.

Also, 20 years of focusing on auto-accident injuries have given us expertise and understanding that are unsurpassed by non-medical providers… and by other doctors who don’t dedicate their practices in this way.

To learn more about our unique — and long-established — medical care for the evaluation and treatment of auto-accident injuries, or to schedule an appointment, call (405) 842-3209. You can also schedule an appointment using our easy online form.