Comprehensive Auto-Injury Care, All in One Place

Avoid delays, red tape and visiting multiple locations.

When you’ve been injured in an automotive accident the care you receive makes a big difference. So does where you receive that care. Having your care in one place makes it convenient and easier for you.

shutterstock_172174124Many accident victims are evaluated in one place, have blood tests in another, and have imaging studies performed in yet another. If medications and medical appliances or equipment are needed, then these victims will find themselves shuttling around to even more places. But not at Accident Care & Treatment Center, Inc. in Oklahoma City.

All services in one location, backed by experience and know-how.

Accident Care & Treatment Center offers comprehensive care for auto injuries, all in one place. Here you’ll see a medical doctor, have your medical history taken, be examined, and have medical tests done. If you need imaging exams, we will conduct those here as well, along with any therapy or treatments. Should you need prescription medications, we’ll provide those, too.

With Accident Care and Treatment Center, you’ll not only get all your care in one place, but from the same team of experienced physicians and other medical professionals. The area’s leaders in medical care for auto injuries.

Helping you avoid delays and getting back to your life.

By providing all your care in one place, we prevent delays in testing and treatment associated with multiple providers and appointments. Here, we can order a test, have it performed, and receive and share the results in a fraction of the regular time.

If you want to learn more about our uniquely convenient and efficient care, evaluation, and treatment for auto-accident injuries, give us a call at (405) 842-3209. You can also schedule an appointment over the phone or by using our easy online form.