Complete, State-of-the-Art Diagnostics On-Site

We get to the source of your symptoms and injury.

Every injury is different. Some are worse than others, and many have the potential to cause future problems. That’s why it’s important that, following an auto accident, you get evaluated for injury by a licensed medical practitioner. After all, an auto accident can cause injuries that may not be felt or recognized for weeks after the accident. And whether it’s felt instantly or much later, an auto injury is a medical problem.

To find and completely understand auto-accident injuries, Accident Care and Treatment Center’s doctors and other medical practitioners provide complete diagnostic capabilities — including advanced diagnostic imaging — right here on-site. Here are the diagnostic methods and tools we combine with our experience and focused know-how to detect and get to the bottom of auto injuries… without you needing to schedule and travel to multiple locations:

  • Medical historyYour accident-injury doctor will take the time that’s needed to understand what took place during your automotive accident… and to learn about your lifestyle, any symptoms or concerns, and your medical history. As with any medical issue, discussion of history is an essential first step.
  • ExamA physical examination by a licensed medical doctor is also vitally important to evaluating you for an accident injury and, of course, determining the full nature and extent of any injury (or injuries) that may be present. At Accident Care and Treatment Center, all initial exams are conducted not just by a physician but by one whose attention and focus are dedicated to accident injuries.
  • X-raysWith X-ray capability, our accident-injury doctors are able to quickly get an inside look at what’s going on with your bones. X-ray images allow us to identify and characterize fractures, which are quite common in auto accident injuries. And some fractures can be complex while others can be subtle and can potentially go unaddressed without proper evaluation and imaging.
  • CTComputed tomography (CT), which used to be known as “a CAT scan,” is a computer-controlled system of X-ray images that are captured in “slices.” The digital technology stitches together these two-dimensional “slice” images into three-dimensional renderings, enabling our doctors to see detailed and high-resolution images of internal anatomical structures.
  • MRIUsing magnetic fields and radiowaves, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) provides our doctors an alternative method of seeing internal anatomy in detail. In addition to not using ionizing radiation, MRI’s data can be processed in different ways to see different types of tissue. At Accident Care and Treatment Center, our in-house “open” MRI is much more patient-friendly than “canister-style” MRI equipment.
  • Electron-beam CTA variation on CT, electron-beam CT (EBCT) is able to capture its image “slices” much more rapidly, producing highly detailed diagnostic images even in areas where movement occurs. Fast motion of certain anatomical structures leads to blurry images in other imaging modalities.
  • Digital ultrasoundUltrasound uses sound waves to “see” inside the body in much the same way sonar works, with the echo of the sound waves producing images of different types of tissue. Just as with fetal ultrasound, our digital ultrasound capability lets our doctor spot a number of different injuries and problems related to injury… in real time.
  • Other testsIf necessary, we may order additional diagnostic studies to reach the most accurate and complete diagnosis. These could include various laboratory blood panels or other lab tests. Basically, our auto-injury doctors will call upon whatever diagnostic modality will empower us to completely understand your injury, because that is the key to treating it effectively.

For diagnostic accuracy, trust focus and experience.

In addition to the onsite diagnostic capabilities listed above, we bring to your case a high degree of diagnostic expertise that comes from being totally focused on — and highly experienced with — auto-accident injuries. We understand these types of injuries and the kinds of forces that can be involved.

For more about Accident Care and Treatment Center’s diagnostic skill, expertise and state-of-the-art capabilities, or to schedule an appointment, call (405) 582-3799. You can also schedule an appointment using our easy online form.