Accident Care and Treatment Center’s technology is your key to recovery

Along with our top-notch doctors, the hallmark of Accident Care and Treatment Center’s (ACTC) ability to treat your accident injuries is our comprehensive technological capability. With our advanced testing and scanning equipment, the true nature of your injuries will be quickly and clearly revealed — and faster injury diagnosis means faster treatment and recovery.

Throughout your accident recovery, we offer you maximum comfort by using state-of-the-art equipment all on-site and tested daily. When it comes to testing, we know accuracy and efficiency are essential to making a quality diagnosis. And to meet your treatment needs, we use the most up-to-date techniques and we exclusively hire well-trained and knowledgeable technicians.

Stop stressing over your MRI at Accident Care and Treatment Center

If just thinking about getting an MRI makes you claustrophobic, our top-end Airis Elite MRI scanner is just what you need. The Airis Elite open MRI system is designed with your comfort in mind: there are two flat magnets above and below you, but the sides of the machine are left wide open, minimizing any anxiety you may have experienced (or know you’ll experience) in a traditionalcanister-stylemachine. In addition, because open MRI machines have more space, obese patients who are too large for standard machines can incorporate often-crucial MRI scanning into their treatment plan. Open MRI is also much easier on pediatric patients, who often are frightened by MRI in conventional scanners.

When it comes to mid-strength MRIs, look no further than Accident Care and Treatment Center’s Airis Elite. Previously reserved for high-strength machines, the Airis Elite is capable of performing advanced imaging techniques like CHESS, a method of suppressing feedback from undesirable body contents like fat and water that obscure the image. With our technology, your MRI images will have excellent resolution, giving your doctor more detail with which to make an accurate and confident diagnosis.

Ultrasound scanning defines comfort and versatility in Oklahoma City

Comfortable, noninvasive and useful for making a variety of diagnoses, our HI VISION 6500 ultrasound scanner offers you high-resolution imagery with minimal hassle. Ultrasound imaging is an effective, proven method for examining your body’s internal organs for damage and is most commonly used to view a fetus during pregnancy.

Pushing the leading edge of ultrasound technology, the HI VISION 6500 distinguishes itself with a number of advanced features. For example, we’re excited to offer wideband pulse inversion imaging, which helps tissue show up better on the image, making it easier to read your scan and arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

Getting right to your treatment with rapid heart testing

We use our advanced electrocardiogram machine, the MAC 1200, to take a quick but thorough look (5-10 minutes) at the electrical activity of your heart, which helps diagnose specific abnormalities that could be indicative of a cardiac condition. Our commitment to quality means we’ve sought out the most effective tools available and take great care while examining your heart for problems.

Some common EKG diagnoses:

  • Fast, slow and irregular heart rhythms
  • Past heart attacks
  • Heart damage due to conditions such as high blood pressure, blood clots and thyroid problems
  • Heart inflammation

Fast, accurate lab results for your health and convenience

Faster testing means faster diagnosis, which allows our doctors to address your issues earlier and give you better overall treatment. That’s why for our onsite lab work, we trust our Piccolo Xpress to test your blood, serum or plasma sample. This quick system will give measurable feedback on your sample in just 12 minutes, and it has its own intelligent quality-monitoring system to make sure you get accurate results so you can avoid the hassle of retesting.

Diagnose your PAD with the best method available

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a widespread condition characterized by intense cramping in the limbs — commonly the legs — after exercise, and is caused by narrowed or blocked arteries in your extremities. The ankle-brachial index (ABI) test is by far the most effective way to diagnose PAD. By comparing your blood pressure at your arm and ankle, your doctor will be able to see whether any difference in circulation exists that could be caused by arterial narrowing or blockages, then pursue further testing.

Our Vista ABI machine gives you accurate, comfortable and rapid ABI testing to ensure that if you do have PAD, you’ll know about it quickly and can start taking steps toward improvement as soon as possible. Some of Vista ABI’s convenient options include automatic cuff inflation and deflation for improved efficiency, and seated exam capabilities, so if you have mobility impairments, you can still be accurately assessed for PAD.

To schedule an appointment or to learn more about our advanced diagnostic technology, call (405) 842-3209. You can also schedule an appointment at Accident Care and Treatment Center using our easy online form.