What Are Your Chances Of A Car Accident

What are the chances of finding yourself in a car accident Have you ever actually wondered what are the chances you might be involved in a car crash once you get on the road? According to Driver Knowledge approximately 6 million car accidents happen every year in the United States. While many of these accidents are not fatal, thousands of … Read More

How To Keep Your Vehicle Winter Ready

The weather can be unpredictable and sporadic. You have most likely experienced the sudden changes of one day walking in the sun and the next day frigid temperatures and high winds. For this reason, it is best to make sure your car is “winter weather ready” for these sudden bouts of ice, snow, and cold. The staff at Accident Care … Read More

The 5 Most Common Car Accidents

Common types of car crashes are usually unexpected and while most are not fatal, their effect can leave lasting physical, emotional, and financial impact on our lives. The more informed you are about the various types of car accidents, the better chance you may have to avoid the effects of a car accident or car accident injury.  Rear-End Collisions happen … Read More

20 Ways to Prevent a Car Accident

It happens quickly. The brake lights in front of you shine, you slam your foot, your brakes squeal, and your body is jolted forward as your car slams into the vehicle in front of you. Getting into a car accident can lead to injuries, financial struggles, and even emotional turmoil. Is there something you could have done to prevent this … Read More

Minor Bumper Damage Could Lead to Major Problems

You’ve gotten into a minor accident and the only damage is a dent to your bumper, no big deal. Wrong. That minor dent could lead to major problems down the road. To understand the repercussions if you do not fix this dent you need to understand the purpose of your bumper. The Bumper’s Purpose As you know, like the bumper … Read More

Even People Who Text and Drive Hate People Who Text and Drive

When you merge onto the highway during your morning commute, you check your blind spots and use your turn signal – like any courteous driver would – but as you cruise along listening to your daily podcast you see a car ahead of you starts to drift into another lane before hastily jerking the car back into its lane. A … Read More

How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter

winter driving

No matter where you live, the weather can be fairly unpredictable, especially during the winter months. And if you live in Oklahoma or the Dallas area, you have most likely experienced the sudden change of one day walking in the warm sun and the next frigid temperatures and high winds. Make sure you are always prepared for these shifts in … Read More

Holiday Driving Tips

Happy holidays! The trees are turning colors and it is time to get in those cozy sweaters with a drink hot beverage. However, it also can mean long road trips, tiring days, and late nights. While this time of year can be our most memorable moments, they can also result in fatigue which greatly increases the danger of driving a … Read More

You’ve Been in an Auto Accident. Now What?

It is a scary scenario. The tires squeal, you brace yourself, and then you feel the crash of the other car as it collides with yours. There is a moment of panic. Am I ok? Are my kids ok? What is the damage? What do I do now? Take a deep breath. At Accident Care & Treatment Center, Inc. we … Read More

5 Tips For A Successful Road Trip

August is the last full month of summer and the last opportunity for families to take a trip before the kids go back to school. To help make the best out of your road trip, Accident Care & Treatment Center, Inc. has compiled 5 tips to make it a success! 1. Summer Road Trip: Set Out For All-American Roads Take … Read More