Common Injuries

Why Should You See A Doctor Immediately After A Car Accident?

Most people don’t anticipate ending up in a car accident. It’s not something any of us plan on. However, it is statistically likely that most of us will end up in some kind of traffic accident at some point in our lives, and the level of severity can range from a simple fender-bender to a fatal incident.

The potential physical damage that can result from a car accident, no matter how benign it may seem at first, can have long-ranging ramifications. Often the symptoms of traffic accidents don’t manifest until days, weeks, or even months after the fact. This is why it is important to seek car accident injury treatment in Oklahoma City immediately following an accident, so that injuries can be accurately diagnosed and treated, and the at-fault party’s insurance can be utilized.

No matter the circumstances, Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc. provides the medical diagnostics and treatment you need to bring you back to your ideal level of health following a traffic accident.

Over the years, we’ve seen it all. We understand that not all car accident injuries are the same, and not everyone responds to them equally. That’s why we tailor our Oklahoma City car accident injury treatment to fit each individual’s needs, developing their ideal recovery plan.

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Common Car Accident Injury Treatment In Oklahoma City

According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, in the U.S. nearly 37,000 people die in auto accidents every year. An additional 2.35 million suffer injuries or are disabled as a result of a car crash.

Injuries from car accidents can vary from minor sprains to severe head and back injuries. If you are in a car accident it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible to reduce lasting effects for any injuries you may obtain. Some injuries will appear right away while others can take a few days, week, or even months to show signs or symptoms.

Accident Care & Treatment Center, Inc. has the highest standard related to auto accident injuries with on-site medical doctors, imaging equipment, and physical therapists conveniently located in one place to help you on your road to recovery.

Some injuries are, of course, more common than others. They can range from minor muscle strain and sprains to life-altering head injuries and fractures.

Common Car Accident Injuries Include:

See a doctor immediately if you experience*:

  • Extreme back pain or pressure in your neck, back, or head
  • Weakness, incoordination, or paralysis in hands, fingers, toes, or feet
  • Difficulty balancing or walking
  • Difficulty breathing after injury

*Symptoms can vary.