Holiday Driving Tips

Happy holidays! The trees are turning colors and it is time to get in those cozy sweaters with a drink hot beverage. However, it also can mean long road trips, tiring days, and late nights. While this time of year can be our most memorable moments, they can also result in fatigue which greatly increases the danger of driving a motor vehicle.


With more people on the road, auto accidents tend to increase due to exhaustion, rushing to make commitments, and traveling in bad weather conditions.

The staff at Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc. wants you to be as safe as possible on the roads this holiday season. To help you avoid an auto accident we’ve put together a few safe driving tips.

Before heading out for a long drive make sure you are well rested. According to studies, drowsy driving is as dangerous as driving under the influence. Your senses are impaired and your reaction time is slower. Make sure you get plenty of rest the night before a long drive and avoid driving during hours you are not normally awake. If you feel yourself beginning to drift, pull over to a safe location and stretch your muscles.

Avoid high caffeinated drinks during road trips. While these drinks may give you a jolt in the beginning, the crash can be devastating. Instead pack plenty of water and snacks, such as nuts and fruit, that give you natural energy without the crash.

Avoid using cruise control. Cruise control can allow your mind to drift and sub sequentially you pay less attention to what is happening in front of you. It also gives you less control of your vehicle and slows your reaction time if sudden hazards occur.

Be weather aware. Check the weather for your route ahead of time, especially if you are driving through a climate you are not accustom to. If you are driving to an unfamiliar destination, using Smartphone map apps like Waze or Google Maps can be extremely beneficial for routing and weather conditions. Keep a printed map in your vehicle as well. This may seem redundant, but it will come in handy if your phone dies or you enter a no signal area.

Don’t wait to refuel for the E to appear. Many of us are guilty of waiting for that little yellow light before refueling, however for road trips this can prove very hazardous. You cannot always predict how many miles to the next gas station and driving on an empty tank can land you on the side of the road.

Keep a first aid kit, flashlight, pillows, blankets, jumper cables, spare tire, and extra fluids in your vehicle. Road trips can be unpredictable and it is best to be prepared for the worse than be taken by surprise.

The staff at Accident Care & Treatment Center, Inc. hopes these tips help you make it to your holiday destination safely. Drive safe and Happy Holidays!



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