Medical Diagnostics & Imaging

Accident Care and Treatment Center’s technology is your key to recovery

Along with our top-notch doctors, the hallmark of Accident Care and Treatment Center’s (ACTC) ability to treat your accident injuries is our comprehensive technological capability. With our advanced testing and scanning equipment, the true nature of your injuries will be quickly and clearly revealed — and faster injury diagnosis means faster treatment and recovery.

Throughout your accident recovery, we offer you maximum comfort by using state-of-the-art equipment — all on-site and tested daily. When it comes to testing, we know accuracy and efficiency are essential to making a quality diagnosis. And to meet your treatment needs, we use the most up-to-date techniques and we exclusively hire well-trained and knowledgeable technicians.

Stop stressing over your MRI at Accident Care and Treatment Center

If just thinking about getting an MRI makes you claustrophobic, our top-end Airis Elite MRI scanner is just what you need. The Airis Elite open MRI system is designed with your comfort in mind: there are two flat magnets above and below you, but the sides of the machine are left wide open, minimizing any anxiety you may have experienced (or know you’ll experience) in a traditional “canister-style” machine. In addition, because open MRI machines have more space, obese patients who are too large for standard machines can incorporate often-crucial MRI scanning into their treatment plan. Open MRI is also much easier on pediatric patients, who often are frightened by MRI in conventional scanners.

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When it comes to mid-strength MRIs, look no further than Accident Care and Treatment Center’s Airis Elite. Previously reserved for high-strength machines, the Airis Elite is capable of performing advanced imaging techniques like CHESS, a method of suppressing feedback from undesirable body contents — like fat and water — that obscure the image. With our technology, your MRI images will have excellent resolution, giving your doctor more detail with which to make an accurate and confident diagnosis.

Medical Diagnostics And Imaging In Oklahoma City

Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc in Oklahoma City was designed to be a “one-stop-shop” for auto accident injury care, diagnosis, and treatment. Our mission is to make sure that you will be able to get the care and treatment you deserve after you’ve been a victim of an auto accident, all at one convenient location. Since our sole focus is on auto accident injury treatment in Oklahoma City, we are able to provide fast, efficient, and affordable care to all of our patients, regardless of their financial situation. There are no hoops to jump through, red tape to deal with, or delays when you come in for your exam and treatment at Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc. We’ve created comprehensive procedures and treatment options that are straightforward and easy to understand. Our expert staff will help you get back to your everyday life by pinpointing your injuries through a thorough diagnosis process and creating a specifically tailored treatment plan to get you back on your feet in no time.

What To Do If You’ve Been In An Auto Accident

If you’ve been involved in a car crash, there are vital steps that must be taken to ensure that you get the proper treatment as soon as possible. Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc. offers these helpful tips so you’re prepared when an auto accident does occur:

  • Stay calm, make sure everyone is ok, and move to safety if you are able.. If you or anyone else involved in the accident needs immediate medical attention, call 911.
  • Do not drive away from the scene unless told to do so by law enforcement.
  • Call the police to file an accident report. To protect yourself against any issues that may occur down the road, never apologize or admit guilt.
  • Take pictures on your phone or camera.
  • Exchange information with the other driver and file an insurance claim.
  • Call (405) 842-3209 to see a medical doctor.

What To Expect At Our Medical Diagnostics And Imaging Lab In Oklahoma City

Not only do we provide exceptional medical diagnosis and auto accident injury treatment, we also carry top of the line medical equipment to quickly provide you with the answers you need. All of our treatment options, medical diagnostics, and imaging in Oklahoma City are conveniently provided at one location so you aren’t constantly driving back and forth just to get your results.

Once you have made a same day or next day appointment, you will be seen by a licensed medical professional whose sole practice is based around auto accident injury treatment in Oklahoma City. On your first visit, you will asked about your medical history and given a physical exam. If more tests are needed to pinpoint your injury, you have the option of visiting our on-site Medical Diagnostics and Imaging lab in Oklahoma City.

Imaging and Medical Diagnostics can cause anxiety in some people, but at Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc., there is no need to worry. Our noninvasive equipment and cutting edge technology will provide the answers you need and the comfort you deserve. Our on-site medical diagnostics and imaging includes, but is not limited to:

  • MRI – The Airis Elite MRI equipment that you’ll find at Accident Care and Treatment Center Inc.’s on-site lab is unlike regular “cannister” style MRI scanners. The Airis can help to eliminate any concerns about claustrophobia. This MRI uses magnetic fields and radiowaves, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to provide our doctors an alternative method of seeing internal anatomy in detail. In addition to not using ionizing radiation, MRI’s data can be processed in different ways to see different types of tissue. At Accident Care and Treatment Center, our in-house “open” MRI is much more patient-friendly than “canister-style” MRI equipment.
  • Ultrasound Scanner – Our non-invasive HI VISION 6500 Ultrasound is an effective way to evaluate the body’s internal organs. Ultrasound uses sound waves to “see” inside the body in much the same way sonar works, with the echo of the sound waves producing images of different types of tissue. Just as with fetal ultrasound, our digital ultrasound capability lets our doctor spot a number of different injuries and problems related to injury… in real time.
  • CT – Our State-of-the-art GE Optima Computed tomography (CT), also known as “a CAT scan,” is a computer-controlled system of X-ray images that are captured in “slices.” The digital technology stitches together these two-dimensional “slice” images into three-dimensional renderings, enabling our doctors to see detailed and high-resolution images of internal anatomical structures.
  • X-rays – With X-ray capability, our accident-injury doctors are able to quickly get an inside look at what’s going on with your bones. X-ray images allow us to identify and characterize fractures, which are quite common in auto accident injuries. And some fractures can be complex while others can be subtle and can potentially go unaddressed without proper evaluation and imaging.
  • Other tests – If necessary, we may order additional diagnostic studies to reach the most accurate and complete diagnosis. These could include various laboratory blood panels or other lab tests. Basically, our auto-injury doctors will call upon whatever diagnostic modality will empower us to completely understand your injury, because that is the key to treating it effectively.

Our experienced medical team knows how important getting the right answers are for our patients. By providing an on-site center for medical diagnostics and imaging in Oklahoma City, we hope to provide a comfortable and easy to use facility that is able to diagnose and treat your auto accident injuries in Oklahoma City as fast as possible so that you can get back to what really matters.