Making Your Evaluation and Treatment Affordable

Pay no up-front out-of-pocket!

Dedicated to auto-injury care in Oklahoma City for two decades, Accident Care & Treatment Center, Inc. has learned a lot about how to provide the effective, individualized care you need. This includes interacting with insurers, from billing to reporting, and working hard on your behalf to make sure you get the care you need.

Come right in without worrying about your ability to pay!
At Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc., you can come in immediately after you’ve been the victim of an accident… without worrying about how to pay. Few, if any, other medical practices are prepared to make this commitment. But we are, and we know how to do it effectively.

As a result:

We can start you immediately on the path to relief and recovery. Also, you can focus on your injury recovery without the initial financial outlay that can add significant challenge to the process.

Saving you time and effort with remarkable efficiency.

Because time is money, Accident Care, and Treatment Center provides all services in one location. This eliminates the drive to other facilities, the wait for appointments with other providers, and the unnecessary delay of your relief and recovery!

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Affordable Auto Accident Injury Care In Oklahoma City

At Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc., we require no up-front, out-of-pocket payments before we provide diagnosis and treatment. We are dedicated to providing our community with the affordable auto accident injury care in Oklahoma City they need immediately following an accident.

One of the main reasons why we seek to remove the barriers and complications commonly involved in auto accident treatment is the latent effect of many auto accident injuries. People often come out of an auto accident with no immediate symptoms and assume they do not require medical care. Unfortunately, symptoms often don’t manifest until days or weeks following the event. At this point, it is likely too late to utilize the at-fault party’s insurance.

Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc. provides the individualized care you need to adequately treat your individual case. After all, not every car accident is the same, and neither are the results. Our affordable auto accident injury care in Oklahoma City incorporates a wide range of different treatment modalities, which we can use in certain combinations to provide the ideal treatment for each individual case.

This is what makes us a unique medical provider. You can come to us immediately following an auto accident without having to worry about your ability to pay. We will provide ways for you to get the medical care you need right away.

You don’t have to worry about lacking medical insurance either. We will get you started on the path to recovery ASAP. You don’t have to stress about the initial financial details, as this will simply get in the way of you receiving the medical care you need.

We Provide All Of Our Services In One Convenient Location

You won’t have to worry about getting various therapies in multiple different locations. Our affordable auto accident injury care in Oklahoma City is all provided in one place, eliminating the need to drive around and wait for different appointments with various providers.

We do this because of our dedication to your immediate recovery, so you can get back to the things in life that truly matter – work, leisure, and family.

Diagnostic Services We Provide

Our affordable auto accident injury care in Oklahoma City begins with getting all of the right diagnostics, without which proper treatment couldn’t be possible.

There are a number of different ways, and combinations of ways, in which we can get the full picture of your specific medical issues, including:

  • Medical history – this is an essential first step
  • Exam – performed by a professionally licensed medical provider
  • X-ray – for diagnosing fractures and other problems
  • CT – a Computed Tomography (CT) scan can diagnose subtle and complex fractures
  • MRI – a radiation-free way of attaining diagnostic images
  • Digital ultrasound – this uses sound waves to get images of various tissues in much the same way sonar works

Auto Injury Treatment We Provide

Every auto accident injury is unique to the person who sustained it. That’s why we provide a wide range of affordable auto accident injury care in Oklahoma City to accommodate everyone’s particular needs.

Our treatment includes:

  • Medication management – we provide medication right from our office via the dispensary
  • Therapeutic ultrasound & phonophoresis – high frequency sound waves can aid the healing process
  • Exercise therapy – this will improve flexibility and range of motion, increase stamina, and build muscle
  • Splints & braces – we can adequately mend all manner of fractures, strains, and sprains
  • Physical therapy – we will develop a routine involving both exercise and hands-on therapy
  • Physiotherapy – one of the most common forms of therapy we provide because it is so highly effective
  • Traction – helps straighten broken bones and alleviate pressure
  • Myofascial release – promotes relaxation of contracted muscles, improves circulation, and helps muscles stretch
  • Electrical muscle stimulation – promotes muscle contraction, prevents muscle atrophy, relaxes muscle spasms, and increases blood circulation
  • Strengthening & conditioning – an invaluable part of bringing you back to the health you were in prior to your auto accident
  • Massage therapy – one of the most enjoyable aspects of our affordable auto accident injury care in Oklahoma City, this is a hands-on therapeutic massage that will loosen tissue, relax your muscles, and increase circulation.