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An injury is a medical condition that warrants real medical care. Unfortunately, many accident-injury caregivers are not licensed, medical practitioners. At Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc., all our practitioners are physicians and certified physician assistants (PAs), medical providers who are licensed to conduct exams, prescribe medications and deliver therapies. And all the care we provide is supervised by a licensed medical doctor whose sole focus is auto-accident injuries.

Trust medical expertise focused on auto-accident care.

At Accident Care and Treatment Center, we’ve been focused exclusively on the medical evaluation and treatment of auto accident injuries since 1995. In fact, with care provided by licensed physicians and physician assistants, we are OKC’s only medical practice devoted solely to accident injuries. Today, we have unprecedented experience with accident-injury care and are recognized as Oklahoma’s medical authority on the needs of auto accident patients.

Compassionate people dedicated to your relief & recovery.

Our licensed medical doctors, certified physician assistants, nurses, imaging technologists and support team all share a deep commitment to your best health. We strive for your fast relief and speedy, complete recovery because we care and want you to be okay. And it shows.

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We are kind, attentive, supportive and compassionate. We are ready to help you however we can. And we see ourselves as your advocates, helping you get back to what’s most important: living a productive, comfortable and enjoyable life.

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Oklahoma City Auto Accident Injury Treatment Medical Team

Many non-licensed accident injury caregivers attempt to provide the same services we provide, and that’s after delaying your recovery by making you go through lengthy insurance and payment processes, often requiring medical insurance and demanding you pay up-front.

Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc. is different. We are dedicated to giving you the medical treatment you require right away. The payment and insurance details come later, as they only get in the way of proper Oklahoma City auto accident injury treatment.

Our medical team is a collective of licensed medical providers. We are the kind, professional experts you can rely on to provide the diagnostics and treatment you need to expedite your recovery. All of our services are supervised by a licensed medical doctor with a singular focus on auto accident injury treatment in Oklahoma City.

Why You Can Count On Our Medical Team

Having been in the business since 1995, we’ve seen it all. A combination of lengthy experience and comprehensive medical knowledge gives us the ability to accurately diagnose and treat auto accident injuries. Not only that, but unlike any other medical practice in Oklahoma City, we are singularly focused on auto accident injuries and everything that comes with them.

We are proud to be Oklahoma City’s leading medical provider for auto accident diagnostics and treatment, helping those in our community get back to the things in life that truly matter.

At Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc., you will find:

  • Medical doctors
  • Licensed physicians assistants
  • Licensed Nurse Practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Imaging technologists
  • Support team

Our focus is the fast, efficient, and effective treatment of auto accident injuries in Oklahoma City. You will find our staff to be communicative, helpful, and compassionate.

How Our Medical Team Can Help


First thing’s first: we begin with proper diagnostics to adequately assess the exact nature of your injury. Only then can we provide the appropriate treatment.

There are a number of ways we can attain these diagnostics, such as:

  • Medical history: This is relevant for a number of different reasons, and is a crucial first step in providing appropriate treatment.
  • Exam: This is conducted by a licensed medical doctor.
  • X-rays: We can properly diagnose fractures both subtle and complex.
  • CT: Our Computed Tomography (CT) scans provide slices of 2D images stitched together for 3D renderings.
  • MRI: Magnetic resonance provides a radiation-free way of attaining diagnostic images.
  • Electron-beam CT: Using this method, we can rapidly capture images for accurate diagnostics, especially where motion is concerned.
  • Digital ultrasound: We can use sound waves to safely see inside the body.


Every car accident is different, and so are the injuries that each individual sustains. This depends on a variety of factors, which is why we provide such a wide range of treatment, from which we candevelop various combinations for your ideal recovery plan.

Our Oklahoma City auto accident injury treatment includes:

  • Medication management: Often a requirement for short-term pain and other symptoms, we provide medication right from our office via our dispensary.
  • Therapeutic ultrasound & phonophoresis: We use high frequency sound waves to aid in your recovery. With this method, we can stimulate tissue and increase blood flow.
  • Exercise therapies: This will greatly help the recovery process. We will help you improve your flexibility, range of motion, and muscle mass.
  • Splints & braces: We’ve seen a wide variety of fractures, strains, and sprains throughout the years, and we know how to mend them all.
    Physical therapy: We will develop the perfect physical therapy plan for you, one that involves the right combination of exercise and hands-on therapy.
  • Physiotherapy: This is easily one of the most common forms of therapy we provide because it is so effective. Physiotherapy involves hands-on therapies specifically tailored to your needs.
  • Traction: Using traction, we can straighten broken bones and relieve pressure, especially in the spine.
  • Myofascial release: The fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds the muscles and connects them with surrounding physical structures. Myofascial release helps muscles relax, allows them to stretch, and improves circulation.
  • Electrical muscle stimulation: This can help prevent muscle atrophy, stop muscle spasms, and increase blood circulation.
  • Strengthening & conditioning: This will help you get back to your optimum level of health.
  • Massage therapy: We provide hands-on massage for relaxing soft tissue and muscles, and improving circulation.