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Accident-Injury Care That’s Convenient, Comprehensive and Effective

Been in an accident? Accident Care & Treatment Center, Inc. is the Standard of Care for Auto Accident Injuries.

Founded in 1995, Accident Care & Treatment Center, Inc. has been exclusively dedicated to the evaluation, diagnosis and effective treatment of auto-accident injuries. And we’re still going strong. Accident Care & Treatment Center, Inc. has grown to become Oklahoma City’s leading medical provider for injuries related to automotive accidents.

Accident Care in Oklahoma City, OKAccident Care and Treatment Center combines its exclusive focus and experience with true medical perspective, skill, and capability to provide unsurpassed expertise. Your care is tailored to allow a complete and safe return to normal life and activity. Our care is backed by licensed medical doctors and a team of medical professionals, all of whom are compassionate people dedicated to your relief and your recovery.

We focus on your individual needs and make it easy for you to get the appropriate and adequate care you need.

  • All care led by medical doctors – Many accident-injury care providers are allied health professionals. However may not be actual licensed medical doctors and physician assistants. Of course, injuries from auto accidents are medical problems that necessitate appropriate care.
  • Next-day & same-day appointments – Don’t delay getting evaluated after you’ve been the victim of a car accident. You could have an injury, and it could worsen. You could also lose any coverage you’re entitled to. We make it easy to be seen by an auto-injury doctor.
  • You pay no up-front out-of-pocket – When you’ve been in an accident, you need to see a doctor without worrying about how you’re going to pay. When you come in for your medical injury evaluation, you don’t have to pay up-front, out-of-pocket!
  • No health insurance needed – Our care model is different. This means that it doesn’t matter if you have no medical insurance. We’re interested in getting you evaluated and, if necessary, getting you treated right away!
  • All tests, care, meds & supplies provided on-site under one roof – We’ve built the most robust and comprehensive auto-injury care program in Oklahoma. From lab tests to imaging studies to therapy, treatment, and medications, we do it all. And all in one place for unsurpassed convenience.

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    After an automotive accident, make sure you’re okay. And if you aren’t, get the individualized treatment you need from Oklahoma City’s premier medical provider for auto injuries. Call (405) 842-3209 to schedule an appointment. Or schedule an appointment using our easy online form.

    What To Do If You’re The Victim Of An Auto Accident In Oklahoma City

    Nobody ever wants an auto accident to happen to them. Unfortunately, sometimes these incidents are outside of our control. At Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc. in Oklahoma City, we provide our patients with the information they need before and after an auto accident. If you’ve been involved in an auto accident, there are some essential steps you need to follow to ensure that you and your loved ones are taken care. These include:

    • Stay calm after the accident and move yourself and your family or friends to a safe spot, if possible.
    • If you or the other party needs immediate medical attention, call 911.
    • Call the police to file a police report.
    • Never apologize or admit guilt. This could potentially cause problems down the road in court or for insurance reasons.
    • Take pictures using your phone or camera.
    • Exchange information with the other driver and file an insurance claim.
    • Call (405) 842-3209 to see a medical doctor.

    No Insurance? No Problem

    Since Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc.’s sole focus is on auto accident injury treatment in Oklahoma City, we don’t have to deal with insurance issues like other hospitals, emergency rooms, or urgent care centers do. When you make a same day or next day appointment at our facility, you don’t have to worry about co-pays or unexpected charges. Since we focus exclusively on auto accident injuries in Oklahoma City, we aren’t dependent on health insurance reimbursements for injuries. Instead of relying on our patient’s health insurance, we deal with the liable party’s automobile insurer to cover medical treatment costs. Our mission is to provide each of our patients with an accessible and affordable road to recovery so they can get back to their lives.

    What You Can Expect At Your First Visit

    Waiting to be seen by a medical professional can be stressful. However, at Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc. there are no long waiting periods to get you examined by a licensed medical professional, as we offer same day and next day appointments. Once you’re in the exam room, you’ll receive a full comprehensive medical evaluation. Each person and injury is unique, so the following list may be adjusted to more properly assist the individual:

    • Medical History – Your attending physical will ask you about your medical history to set a foundation for your exam, diagnosis, and treatment options.
    • Physical Exam – Just like when you see your regular practitioner, an auto accident medical professional will perform a physical exam. This can help to determine the full extent of your injury (or injuries).
    • Medical Diagnostics & Imaging – Depending on the severity of your injury, additional testing from MRIs, X-Rays, CT Scans may be required. All of our cutting edge technology is non-invasive and located on-site.
    • Other Tests – Additional testing may be ordered in order to complete an accurate evaluation.

    Auto Accident Injury Treatment In Oklahoma City

    Since everything from exams to auto accident diagnosis and treatments for auto accident injuries in Oklahoma City can be found on-site at Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc., you’ll never have to worry about driving back and forth between different centers to get the treatments you need for any injuries you may have sustained from an auto accident.

    Once you’ve been given a thorough examination and receive a diagnosis from our licensed medical team, we will then design a treatment plan specifically tailored to get you back on your feet in no time! The treatment options we provide are all on-site and include:

    • Medication Management – Medication may be used for a short amount of time during your treatment.
    • Physical Therapy – Helps to relieve pain, treat injuries, and improve overall range of motion and flexibility.
    • Exercise Therapy – Helps to build muscle, increase stamina, and improve flexibility.
    • Massage Therapy – Relaxes muscles by improving circulation.
    • Strengthening & Conditioning – Builds muscle and increases flexibility.
    • Electrical Muscle Stimulation – “Retrains” the muscles to help prevent muscle atrophy and reduce or eliminate muscles spasms.
    • Therapeutic Ultrasound & Phonophoresis – Speeds up the healing process via blood circulation.
    • Myofascial Release – Stimulates muscles, relaxes muscles, and improves circulation.
    • Traction – Relieves pressure by straightening the bones (especially in the spine).
    • Physiotherapy – A highly effective and common therapy, similar to exercise therapy.
    • Splints & Braces – Treatment for fractures, sprains or strains that are common in auto accident injuries.