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Do you know an Oklahoma first responder who goes above and beyond for their community?

Nominate them for the chance to win $1,000!

First Responders give so much to our community without asking for anything in return. Here at Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc. we want to give back.

Nominate a First Responder you know for a chance to win $1,000. Winners will be announced the middle of each month on News9 in the 10p News!

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May 2020 Winner

Kyle Beavers - EMSA

Kyle Beavers is an active member of the community of Moore, full time EMT at EMSA and serves in the Oklahoma Army National Guard. During the time of pandemic I have witnessed him take on many extra hours to support his family. Being high risk of exposure he has had to temporarily move out of his home away from his family to make sure they do not come into contact with Covid-19. His wife has an auto immune disease. Being away from his family has been hard for them all both mentally and financially. I know many people deserving of nomination for this reward but his sacrifices for his family & the community has very much stood out.

February 2020 Winner

Wilner Laguerre - OKC Police Dept

Mr. Laguerre is a Sergeant in the Oklahoma City Police Department at the Hefner Briefing Station. Mr. Laguerre is extremely passionate about his job and is always going above and beyond what is normally called for. He patrols the northwest side of Oklahoma City and handles each call he is assigned with tact, professionalism, compassion and care. He recently answered a burglary call where a single moms Christmas gifts for her children were stolen from her home. He went back later to present the family with gifts to replace the ones that were stolen. He will do extra detective work on calls where he has additional information (i.e. license plate number, video tape, etc.) instead of just writing up the report and sending it to the detectives to work. If Mr. Laguerre can solve the crime on his own, he will do the best job he can to get it done. Every call for service is important to him and he always strives to provide the best service he can to the citizens of Oklahoma City. Mr. Laguerre is a wonderful example of a first responder that truly cares for the community he serves and it shows in the work he does on a daily basis. We are extremely fortunate to have an officer like Mr. Laguerre on the streets protecting and serving the citizens of Oklahoma City.

January 2020 Winner

Kent Long - Yukon Fire Dept

Kent has served the city of Yukon for over 30 years. He currently is a battalion chief at the Yukon Fire department. Why I think Kent deserves this award, this is a one of a kind individual. Kent has always loved serving the community and has always put the community and his shift before himself. I strive to become a man like this with as much wisdom and guidance as himself. Kent goes above and beyond in striving to promote positivity and creating a better world for us to live in. Kent was a first responder at the Murrah building bombing and I believe anyone with the power to sacrifice time and set life aside to help others would be a powerful influence on today’s society. I thank Kent everyday I see him for what he has done for me and the lasting impression he will have on my life.

December 2019 Winner

Toby Shores - Midwest City Fire Dept

Toby goes above and beyond to care for anyone in need. He is also private pilot and at his own expense will transport people in need of care outside of the metro. He has done so many times. My son, also a Midwest City firefighter is in a battle for his life with cancer. Toby has initiated fund raising events to help with the associated expenses. Toby takes my son to doctor and chemo appointments when schedules allow. Toby maintains contact and provides great moral support to family members . He never fails to offer a helping hand. No matter how difficult the situation is Toby will access it and offer a sincere helping hand. Please consider this nomination on behalf of the many people that have been touched by this tremendous person. I sometimes wonder if God put an on earth angel in the Midwest City Fire Department. Thank you for having this great program for our wonderful first Responders and allowing me a way of expressing gratitude.

November 2019 Winner

Brad Gilmore - OKC Police Dept

Brad is a police officer who normally works in one of the rougher parts of the metro. During the course of his every day duties, he puts his life on the line making traffic stops, investigating unusual events and interacting with people who are in complicated circumstances leading to unpredictable outcomes. In addition to his duties as a police officer, Brad is also involved in community service events that benefit youth and their families through Scouting events. Each year he visits Pack 111 in NW OKC to show the Cub scouts his car, gear, to answer questions for them and to speak with them about stranger danger and safety in general. He and his wife Sherri also volunteer every year to serve as Range Safety Officers for Cub Winter Day, an event for metro area Cub Scouts held each year in December at the Harn Homestead. Brad approaches life with grace and humor and in the process, he is a role model for our kids and for our community.

October 2019 Winner

Chad George - Edmond Fire Dept

Chad has been a firefighter/paramedic for over 20 years. He currently works as a fire inspector in Edmond. His peers awarded him the Steven Begley Award for outstanding service, unselfish dedication, and personal sacrifice. He is lifelong Oklahoman and a member of the Seminole Creek tribe. We first met Chad when he and his team responded to a 911 call from our house. He helped my husband who was suffering from extreme hypoglycemia. Chad was so helpful and friendly that we easily remembered him when we saw him next at the ER, and he remembered us, too. That’s why I’d like to see him honored!

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