Brand New, State-of-the-Art MRI Installed

Accident Care & Treatment Center, Inc. has a special announcement! This month we have installed and begun using our brand new, state of the art 2017 Model GE Wide-Bore MR450W MRI at our facility.


By adding the new MR450W MRI to our already extensive in-house technology consisting of a 2018 Digital X-Ray, a 2018 Model GE CT660, a Hitachi Airis Elite Open MRI, a 2018 Doppler Ultrasound, and two 9800 GE C-Arms (Fluoroscopic Units), Accident Care & Treatment Center, Inc. will be one of the most advanced imaging technology centers in Oklahoma.

The new MR450W MRI is equipped with many new features to make your experience more comfortable and convenient. The Acoustic Reduction Technology combined with the GE OpTix, IROC, and MAGIC technologies allows for quieter exams and produces better images. The MRI’s wider bore with a feet first positioning offers for more space and more comfort to fit larger patients and give less of a claustrophobia feel.

“GE is known to be a leader in MR imaging systems. Having one of their latest MR systems will allow us to combine extraordinary imaging quality with improved patient comfort” states Dr. Anthony Sparks, Accident Care & Treatment Center’s on-site interventional radiologist. “We are excited to bring cutting edge technology to our patients to further improve their care.”

At Accident Care & Treatment Center, Inc. we know car accidents are a major inconvenience. For this reason, we are constantly searching for the latest technology to deliver the most accurate results, make for a more comfortable experience, and get you back to your life quicker.

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